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First (tiny) experiece of the Microsoft LinkedIn aquisition

posted Jan 11, 2017, 2:48 AM by Gunnar Werner   [ updated Jan 23, 2017, 1:11 PM by Björn Spåra ]

I Love my Windows phone!

When I finally took the time to update my LinkedIn account recently I recieved this message from LinkedIn:

"It looks like you have used the older version of our app in the last few months and we wanted to let you know that we will no longer be supporting this older version after January 15, 2017".

LinkedIn further pointed me to the alternatives IOS8 or higher OR Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Very politely they also indicated that next time I load the Linkedin app (they know I hold a Windows phone!) I would be prompted to upgrade with links to the Apple Store or Google play. Even if I could make a device upgrade through these vendors stores I still want to use my Windows phone that I just love. It is to me like an exo-organ. Simply can`t give it up. I spent the rest of the day in agony...

There are angels. Yes they exist!

This morning LinkedIn sent out a correction mail stating that:

"you received an email to let you know that older versions of the LinkedIn app are being retired. The good news is that users of a Windows phone will not be affected and since our records show that you are accessing LinkedIn through the Windows version of the app.......".

They even say they will support older versions! Fantastic! Thank you Microsoft! The fact that my Bank app is no longer supported on Windows Phone 8.1 does not bother me.

I wonder what will come from the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn?

Here is my list to Santa;
  1. Keep the LinkedIn biz within the sales org at MS (preferably EPG) 
  2. Make good deals with the CRM and the Skype factories 
  3. Make it as an O365 service 

Sell it as;

4 SKUs
  1. MS LinkedIn std (like it is today and for free) 
  2. MS LinkedIn premium (sort of Yammer integrated..not sure how) 
  3. MS LinkedIn Ultimate (b+including SFB with extl conferencing) 
  4. MS LinkedIn Enterprise plus (all of above plus PBX) 

Will we see something like; "Office 365SPE w/LInEntplusadtnusr ShrdSvr ALNG SubsVL MVL PerUsr" in the Enterprise Agreement CPSs before Christmas 2017? Stay tuned...